Ram Drives and SSD Nand Wear



I read whilst browsing the web that SSD’s do not take very well to lots of small writes. In an attempt to cut down on these writes I then read up on Ram Drives. This, as you will all know, reserves some of the RAM, sets up a drive and enables one to locate the Temporary Internet Files and Temp files there and write to them

I have done this and it seems to be working perfectly. I have 2gb of RAM in my netbook and have allocated 128mb of this for the Ram Drive. When I examined the files in the Temporary Internet Files folder I was horrified at the number there, after a few hours browsing. They numbered well over a thousand, in many folders. Many progs seem to write to the Temp Files also. The 128mb is perfectly adequate and always has lots of free space, even after a heavy session. When one logs off the web, the Temporary Internet Files are of course cleared. If one shuts off the computer, and does not select stand by or hibernate, the Temp Files are also cleared.

The new drive (D:) shows up separately in My Computer on my netbook.

It seems that Ram writes very much quicker than ssd’s and my netbook now runs better than ever. Ram Drive would be of benefit also to HDD systems in speeding up thiings.

It seems that SLC SSD’s do not have the same problem with NAND wear as MLC’s. I am glad I opted for SLC

It might be the basis for one of Dee’s always interesting articles. I have no expert knowledge in these matters. I am an elderly newbie, and a happily retired accountant. All this is very new to me.

Ram Drive software is available as Shareware, by the way.