Ram disk says no free space

I recently purchased the LG GSA-4163B drive. I bought some fugi dvd-ram disks and copied some backup programs to the disk. When I got done copying the files I had 2.11GB of free space left on the disk. When I put the disk in the next time windows explorer said there was 0 free space. Now I can’t add any files or delete any files because when I try to delete them an error message comes up and says cannot delete as files on this cd-rom drive are read only. Can someone please help me with this problem as I really like the lg drive. Thanks.

You first need to install a dvd-ram driver to use the dvd-ram discs for packet writing. That way, you can add and remove files from within Windows Explorer.
The easiest solution: use InCD from Ahead (which is usually included with Nero). Otherwise, use the Panasonic dvd-ram driver. You can search for it on this forum, this question has been asked and asnwered many times before.

If you use a normal burning program, you can use multisession to add more data later, but that is not the best way to use dvd-ram.

I was using Roxio’s drag to disc for packet writing. That’s why I don’t understand why this keeps happening.

Today I put the ram disk in and now it says there is 2.11gb left. This has happened to me before. One time it says I have 2.11 gb left and then the next time I put it in it says there is 0mb’s left.

Is InCD better for dvd-ram, or should I use the Pansonic dvd-ram driver? Can you have all these programs on your computer at the same time. I thought I read somewhere where you shouldn’t have InCD and drag to disc on at the same time. Thanks again.

Between those two, InCD is the best option, Panasonic is only needed if you don’t have InCD.
You should not use two packet writing programs on the same computer. Mixing Roxio and Nero software is generally a bad idea.
If drag to disc works fine, leave it. If not, try uninstalling it and using InCD instead.

Thanks, I think I’ll try InCD.