RAM Disc 1Million IOPS (almost)



Okay I have been fooling around with all types of caching software, from Plex Turbo, to Elitebytes MaxVeloSSD, plus Samsungs Rapid Mode, if you want to speed up a transfer I have decided just to use pure RAM. Yes Random Access Memory. Okay a while back Samsung bought Nvelo, a software company that made this caching software and put it in their Magician Software. RAPID is a software-based feature in Samsung’s most recent build of Magician. Simply, it uses a gigabyte of system memory for caching hot data. Frequently-used applications are stored in RAM, ideally yielding much faster accesses when that data is needed over and over. Unlike other RAM-based caching solutions, RAPID keeps cached data persistent between reboots by writing information to the SSD itself. That’s is the upside of not using pure RAM. But if speed is what you like, nothing can beat a Pure RAM Disk. Look here