RAM configuration

I’m planning to get 512 of PC133 SDRAM CL 2 (Apacer). My question is :

Should I get one 512 stick or two 256 sticks? Obviously, the 512 stick is much cheaper compared to two 256 sticks. How much performance gain if I get two 256 sticks compared to one 512 stick or getting a 512 stick is a better idea ? I have a mobo that supports up to 1.5 GB RAM(512 MB per slot).

There is no performance gain with one stick or two or RAM. It’s all about specifications, quality, and cost.

If you want 512 MB, get the less expensive single stick.

Pleasy pay attention to your mainboards capabilities. Not all mainboard can handle all kinds of combination of double sided and single sided dimms (there even are double sided dimms that are mounted slinge sided, so ask your retailer!). Some mainboards even only work with 1 kind of memory (altough there aren’t that much of them luckily enough)…

Of course there is no perfomance gain (maybe power gain but can’t be sure). And as Dee-ehn said, mobo must support the ram. Also some older mobos don’t recognise 512mb correctly (recognise less mb) or need bios update to do so. Check the mobo site.

Thanks for the advice lads. I’ll go for the one 512 stick. I think my mobo can support it because it can support up to 1.5GB SDRAM and it has three DIMM slots.

How about DDR RAM ? Is there any difference if we use two 256 sticks compared to one 512 sticks.