RAM Brands

Ive been looking to upgrade memory…again. I currently have my 3 slots filled up with 2x128mb, 1x32mb. My goal is to have 512mb. I need to know if the brand PNY is any good, for ram, its on sale at best buy.

Since you’ve got a 32MB module in your system, I guess you are using SDRAM @ 66 or 100Mhz?

Here I found a review on a PC133 256MB PNY module.

If you have such old modules, then check what kinds of memory your system will recognise. What’s your board and chipset?

gigabit mobo with VIA chipset

Which VIA chipset? If it is a KT133 or later, then at least all 256 MB modules should work (the iBX440 e.g. will only accept 256 MB modules which have 16x8-ICs, but not such ones with 32x4).
For older ones, I don’t know.

I dont think that level of detail is very helpfull, there are dozens of gigabyte motherboards with VIA chipsets - like saying i have Ford car, thats black, not very helpful to somebody who want to know what type of car you have to get you spare parts . What is the model no. of your MB or what is the type of chipset like KT133.

well im not at the computer now so i couldn’t yell you. I shall look when i get home.