RAM and 1620 Performance



Greetings all:
While I am not new to burning, I am not as informed about systems and performance as many of you. I recently purchased a Pacific Digital MACH 16X which is of course a rebadged BenQ 1620. Having a manufacture date of August 2004, I immediately flashed the latest FW and it now has the FW G7P9…I am assuming that’s the latest FW from BenQ…or??

I have to say, this BenQ 1620 rocks. :bow: It blows the doors off of the LiteOn 411s I have on my other machine. :Z The LiteOn is soooo finicky about media compared to his BenQ I can’t even compare them. I had 2 stacks of Staples $5 special cake boxes of TEON 4X +R’s…DVD Info. ID’d them as Phillips…which I bought back in April. 8 0f 10 were coasters in the Liteon.
The BenQ is burning them PERFECTLY at 8 and get this…12X. :bigsmile:

The BenQ was a great bargain too. I was almost going to go with the NEC 3500 from Newegg or similar but the Pacific Digital at Staples for $55 after rebate and coupon filled the need for instant gratification!
Finally, my question: I am running a brand new bargain box Compaq($180 after rebate from Staples) I added another stick of RAM for a total of 496MB(16MB are set to onboard video)…Is there a performance effect on burning with the 1620 with the increased RAM? :confused:


No; once you have enough RAM for the profligate needs of XP [say 200~ish MB] most optical-burning performance issues are IDE-based.

Your burning application will usually make a larger buffer if the RAM is available, but this isn’t vital so long you have burner & HD data-source on different IDE channels with the correct busmastering drivers.


depends of the situation. In general the more ram u have the better your computer works in sending data to/from DVD. All burning software use some memory as buffer(remember that your drive has a 2 meg buffer and at 16 x it needs a 22mb/s stream). So in case there is a hickup in your sys while burning, a large buffer will mantain a continous writing.

In conclusion more ram is allways welcome


The 2 GB I have installed on my system make life nice. :wink: Usually at 1.5 GB free (rest is used by XP, windowsblinds, samurize, spampal, AVG antivirus, java, ATI control panel, ATI MMC, remote wonder, intellimouse, powerstrip, APC Powerchute for UPS, etc.). Only time I go above 1 GB is if I’m downloading stuff and playing a game, or working on some large Photoshop files.

It’s definately nice not worrying about RAM.


I agree! :iagree: