Rally champ 2000 error



i have cb 45 and ral champ 2000 isn't working could somebody please send the file

thnx rene


Hello Rene.

Yes,you`re right,the Ral.exe is broken.

Go to www.megagames.com there are a few crack patches avaible for Rally Championchip 2000.Inside the cracks is the cracked Ral.exe.Please use the cracks for the US or Uk version i haven`t tested the others.They work all fine.


Ahhh,PS.On CD 1 is also a defect Games.I dont know the name yet but you cant unpack it.To unpack the Game please use Winrar and the password placed a few messages before.


i have tried 2 now but they are both not working which one have you?
or could you mail me the file

p.s. the game on cd1 is survival the last hope


I´ll send the packed Exe file tommorow.



Could you send me that file, too please ?
The cracks on the megagames site don´t seem to work with the CB version

Thanx, mAc


Im sorry for you all but it still doesn’t work and i already deleted the file so i can’t send it to you MAC sorry


Hello Rene,hello Mac.

Here is the Name of the File from Megagames:

Iam really sorry at the moment but the fuckin file attachment here doesn`t work.

Replace the exe,and guys please change the install directory or it doesnt work.The Exe File is bigger than the old file !!!
I`ve changed it to C:\Rally and with 10MB install and it worked great.

So,enough for now.I hope i could help you a little bit.