Raising online music prices likely to backfire anti-piracy efforts



I just posted the article Raising online music prices likely to backfire anti-piracy efforts.

 Since the start of last year, the Music industry has got really  aggressive in trying to fight piracy with a variety of methods such as sending  warnings to ISPs, slapping lawsuits on...
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Umm…duh? The record companies are doing exactly what I thought they’d do. They always want more money. They’re lazy, greedy, money-grabbing gits - as their grandmothers can testify!


Would Someone…Could Someone…PLEASE …PLEASE Get that Guy some DSL.


Um, Title should be “Riaa commits suicide!”.


F*cking morons! And the cheak of it trying to charge us 99p for what the US is getting for 99c. Cant all the musicians see that at this point the RIAA isn’t at all helping their sales and is purely holding them back and choking them? Surely someone with some power has got to notice by now that it’s the RIAA killing their music sales not piracy, or anything else. For 99c I’d consider buying tracks, for 99p each they can kiss my ass. Can anyone explain to me what exactly their value is now anyway?? What does the RIAA do? The artist either writes the lyrics or buys them off someone, the artist then sings the song and their manager arranges for backup sings, musicians etc and organises their tours. So the making of the music is all sorted and delt with without them. Companies like Apple’s iTunes and other legal sites now supply and sell the music and all they need to do so is a single copy of the song in digital format. Promoting the album or song can be done via advertising agencies etc. So where does the RIAA fit into all of this now with todays business market?? Someone explain to me what gap I’ve missed that is filled by the RIAA? Collecting royalties when it’s played in public? Does the artist care THAT much about that that they’d chose to give up 60% or more of all profit made on song sales just to get that added extra? I dont think so - they could hire a company to do that for them for relatively little per year these days. What a bunch of morons!!


The RIAA is so transparent. What they’ll do now is go to Congress and say, “Golly, we TRIED to play fair by offering our music for purchase online, but we’ll be darned if it just didn’t work!” And Congress will say, “You poor dears! Here, let us pass this law that allows you to bust into suspects’ houses and chop their hands off with a machete. All better now?” :r


Whoops! My mouse missed the itunes button and hit http://www.slsknet.org instead.