Rainbow squares on AVI to DVD

I made my first successful avi to dvd transfer using VSO DivxtoDVD
and burned with trial version of VSO CopytoDVD.

When I play it on my stand alone DVD player I see a sort of rainbow
of translucent checks during the action scenes. It seems mostly at
the lower end of the screen.

Is there a name for this and what causes it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I should have said translucent rainbow squares like a checkerboard.

What cause this?

Wrong settings for the target or problematic standalone.

Wrong settings? How is that?

Settings made in “avi2dvd”.

The only settings I see on DivXtoDVD are Aspect and Standard.
Both were set to Automatic.

Aspect can be set to Force 4:3 ,
Force 16:9 or Automatic.

Standard can be set to Force PAL 25 Fps ,
Force NTSC 29.97 Fps or Automatic.

I don’t know what these do? I think I know that
PAL or NTSC has something to do with format?
Whether European or American??

How should I set these? I had them on Automatic.
I know, it depends on such and such…:stuck_out_tongue:

Could the rainbow squares be from a somewhat unstable file?
Let’s just say I acquired it somewhere :rolleyes:

Other than that it is viewable and sound works.

Well, I should try more test with other files too.

Any more advice is appreciated !:cool:

It mainly depends on the source media/files.

VSO products are good, however, check videohelp.com/tools for other tools.

ive done many movies like that and that happens all the time. ive tried everything but they just appear. doesnt really hurt anything. its a minor annoyance as far as im concerned.

To sum it up again, the resolutions and bitrates are related to the video standards, be it PAL, Secam or NTSC.

>>> http://www.videohelp.com/dvd

[quote=nepal76;1960459]I should have said translucent rainbow squares like a checkerboard.

What cause this?[/quote]Pixellations can also be a sign of crap media. Please post what discs you’re recording onto.

The discs I have are not going to be my choice from now on.
I got a 50 pack of TDK DVD-R for $9.99. All it says is TTH02
for manufacturer ID.

I plan to use Taiyo Yuden in the future. I know where to
get them online. Any lines on who may have them in a store
under another brand?