RAIDing the SSD: Intel's 32GB SLC SSD



RAIDing the SSD: Intel’s 32GB SLC SSD

Toshiba 512MB SSD:


I would go as far as to say, even two of these drives are to fast for the Southbridge. The latest SSD drives are so fast that they absolutely hammer the SATA controller and really need to be on the North Bridge. That normally means an PCIE x8 commercial grade RAID card.
I don’t see SATA 600 making things much better either.
Even a dual core ROC (RAID on chip) clocked at 800Mhz is only good for 4 SSD drives and even then, needs some active cooling on the ROC.


Dee, what would be your next upgrade to make your computers faster and friendlier?


Kenny, i’d like to add another two SSD drives in RAID 0.
I also like the idea of “touch screen” desktop/application navigation.


We think alike. I was right a while ago thinking about cheap touch screen 15-inch LCD monitors. I liked the very large display from the latest 007, too. :iagree:

Many years ago, CD-R’s supplanted all kinds of classic media including cassette tapes, LP’s, LD’s, hard disk drives. I think NAND flash’s doing that job now.

Just found this. 64GB 2.5-inch form factor, second-handed price US$80