Raid0 data recovery in Ubuntu

Let me start at the very beginning, well relevant beginning that is. I had gotten a virus on my windows 7 os on a 2x 250gb raid0 setup that had an 80gb internal spare drive and a 1tb external esata/firewire/usb drive.

I decided I was getting tired of windows at that point and finally decided to switch from running ubuntu off my flash drive, with the 80gb as storage, and just installed 9.10, or so, from there onto the 80gb hdd. This is when the problems started, first, I could not access the 1tb external under any connection in ubuntu, but the raid array still was accessible. I decided to update, through apt, to 10.04, nothing changed. Then I burnt off a copy of 10.04.1 64bit, whatever the latest is, and reinstalled ubuntu onto the 80gb. Now I have access to the external through usb and firewire, but no access to the raid array.

All connections are the same, all bios settings are the same, nothing has changed. So, my question is, does anybody know how to save my data? Thanks for any and all help.

P.S. Here are a couple images of disk utility and the wd2500js says that the free space is 18446744TB (-250,050,584,576 bytes).

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