RAID Problems with Alcohol



Hi people,

I’ve used Alcohol 120% for over a year now, no problems, I love it.
Recently changed my set-up, put two new drives(Samsung 80GB SATA II) into my PC, set them up as a RAID 0(striped), everything else works great except for Alcohol, as soon as I try to launch it my PC reboots!

I’m running Alcohol 120% version 1.9.2 build 1705 on XP Pro.
Using Nvidea SATA RAID drivers
On an ASUS A8N-SLI Premium M/B BIOS Revision 1007

Anyone had problems with this sort of setup?
Any other haerdware details relevent?

Thanks people


The latest version is 1.9.6 (Build 4619). I would try updating the software and see if that helps solve your problem


Please send your latest minidump from c:\windows\minidump and a complete system report to the support team at


Sorted. got the latest version and it works a treat, thanks for your help