Raid configuration recomendations?

I cannot decide for the life of me how I am going to set this up. Here is what I have. I have two computers on the same monitor, mouse and keyboard via a kvm switch (actually 3 but the third computer doesn’t play into this).

One computer has beter equipment, a pelt cooled OC vid card, OC processor etc., and is not conected to the internet, has no network conections, no anti anything software (to slow it down). Basically it is my fast rig. The fast rig has pata capable raid for two drives on the motherboard (sata with pata adapters).

The second rig has about the same speed processor but with a slower bus speed or whatever (an athlon xp 2400 with 266mhz bus compatibility). It is my internet rig (but I still do a lot of other stuff on it).

I have two identical hitachi 160 gig drives
I have four identical maxtor 60 gig drives

I have a 2 channel siig raid card that seems to be incompatible with the hitachi drives all together. With the maxtors it worked but would not function as a boot drive. I have new drivers and a bios update to try, but I have updated before and it didn’t fix anything so I’m not holding my breath. It should function raid 1 or 0 fine with the maxtors but not as a boot drive.

I have an old promise 100 tx4 4 channel raid card that seems to work fine with anything. Its raid 0 performance is less that great but it does work (the siig ran faster with two drives than the promise did with 3 drives.

I have been running the onboard raid on the beter computer with the hitachi 160 gig’s raid 1 (mirroring) and the siig card and two of the 60 gig’s raid 0 (but not the boot drive, just as a data raid 0) for a while (and havent been running the promise card). So I got a new 200 gig and a new 300 gig and am redoing everything (I also have a 20, a 40 and a 120 gig not for the raid’s of course).
So how to raid??? One of the 60 gig is prety tied up (if you guys want the ads tomorow, I need it intact, it is a boot drive with everything I normally use installed). I am already running the promise card with 3 drives (raid 0) with a new install but can easilly change that. This is what I am thinking

Kill the raid 1, use the two hitachi’s with the fast computer, raid 0. Use the promise card on the internet computer raid 0 with 2 or 3 drives for now. If I use 2, the other will be free to use with the 4th drive and the sigg card, raid 1 on which ever computer (though a 60 gig raid 1 seems almost worthless).

use all four drives (soon, gotta free up the fourth 60 gig) to do raid 1/0 on the promise card on the internet computer (while this card is slow with raid 0, it is suposed to do very well with raid 0/1). use the hitachi’s to do raid 0 on the fast computer.

Or, whatever else. I would like raid 1 and raid 0 on both computers but I cannot afford more matched drives and controler cards right now (and maybe for a while). I guess raid 1 is more important on the internet rig as I do more with it (the fast one mostly gets used for games, video processing etc.).

Any sugestions on how to set up the raids? I just cannot decide for the life of me but I gotta do it soon as both computers are gutted an data is moved to new drives (except the 1 60 gig) to free them up for new raids (actually I havent freed up the hitachis yet but it is doable right now).

I would appreciate any advice or opinions.