RAID configuration for both 0 and 1 array

I have an aging but reliable KT266A mobo with a Highpoint Raid controller that I use as my primary video editing and DVD encoding computer.

My current setup:
XP2400 w/512 MB DDR2
IDE Primary Master: 250 gig WD JB (boot drive, 2 partitions OS and Data)
IDE Primary Slave: Not Used
IDE Secondary Master: BenQ DW1620
IDE Secondary Slave: Not Used
Raid Primary Master: 80 gig WD JB RAID 0 32k
Raid Primary Slave: Not used
Raid Sec. Master: 80 gig WD JB RAID 0 32k
Raid Sec. Slave: Not used

I have 2 extra WD 80 JB’s here that I would like to run in RAID 1 as my boot/OS drive. I want to run RAID 1 so I have a constant backup of the OS and installed programs in case one drive dies. So the setup would be:

Boot: RAID 1 80 gig WD JB (x 2)
Primary Master: 250 gig WD JB for data
Sec Master: BenQ DW1620
RAID 0: 80 gig WD JB (x2 = 160 gig total) capture Drive

My question is, with my current RAID 0 array being spilt across both the Primary and Secondary channels, do I need to move one of the RAID 0 drives to Primary Slave? And if so can I just switch the drive over to the Primary Slave channel and not have to rebuild the array (ie lose all my data)?
Or can I just add the two 80 gig WD’s on Primary Slave and Secondary Slave, build a RAID 1 array, Ghost over an image of my boot drive… and be able to boot from it being on the Secondary channel? I would like some input before I accidentally delete almost 400 gigs of data :slight_smile: