RAID 5 Recovery Service or Software

Ok I have been informed fairly certainly that my RAID 5 is not rebuildable. 1 of 3 went bad, and before I got that drive back form Samsung, another drive went bad (Samsung HD scan in DOS stated bad a sector). Nice… which means only one healthy drive, no rebuild. So now onto recovery option… getting past the fact that I shoulda woulda coulda have had a real backup, etc, I need to make a decison here how to try to gain some data back, and any opinions would be appreciated, especially if you have done or gone through this before…

I see this software for $800

but at less than 3 MB, can it be legit, or anyone heard of this?

I called what seems like a good company,, and they said about a $400 charge even if NO data is saved, some analysis fee… but they said from my case, they should be able to save most data… to save and deliver, they say for me about $4500, but can be less if they recover less than all the data, like per GB or # of vital files they cannot restore… I will talk to them more tomorrow. But of course I rather just spend the $800 (ya, JUST) and do it myself if this is valid software that wont also eradicate my data and make it totally non-recoverable.

Of if anyone has another place or software that works for this situation, please let me know, thanks.

Unless the 2nd HDD is still accessable, I don’t see how they can recover anything as the data is spread across all three drives. It was my understanding that you can’t pull anything from a single HDD. I would clarify that with the service before writing the check.