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I have a 36gb raptor. Yes a small drive but kind of fast… would two 80gb SATA drives in RAID 0 be faster? I have 1 of the drives and would only be $60usd for the second drive. would I notice any performance differance?



Raid 0 will improve read and write speed, but places more load on your system. I like to keep it simple. Raptor drive alone is plenty fast. I doubt if you will notice any performance gain with RAID 0 with normal use.


I’d goto HD Tachand run it against what you have now. Then you could compare what is in their database to what you get on your existing machine.

For $60 I’d try it.


I don’t think you’d notice that much of a difference. Most probably, the transfer speed of the RAID array will be somewhat higher than the Raptor’s. On the other hand, the Raptor will be faster at seeking.

As the RAID array will generate some more CPU load (not that much, depending on your controller) I expect the results to be equal. Considering the chance on loss of data on RAID 0 arrays, I’d advice to stay away from the RAID 0. Btw: RAID 0 with 2 Raptor discs is interesting. I’ve been using it for more than a year now and I am really pleased with it.


You’re comparing apples and oranges. The RAID will deffinitly “feel” slower than the Raptor, but because of the large difference in access times. You will notice the slowdown immediately. The Raptor is hands down the fastest thing out there in terms of how it “Feels”, and that’s why. As for transfer rates, it may well meet or beat the RAID too, depending on how you configure it.


running 2x36 raptors and 2x74 raptors both in RAID-0. they’re fast for boot, game loading and VERY disk intensive read/write functionality. i use 2 250gb data drives in addition. not sure why you wouldn’t just use the 1x36 as the OS drive and get the 2nd 80gb drive and run those 2 separately (using at least 1 or both to backup your raptor and/or important data). to me that seems like the most logical setup for the 3 drives.


Do you notice any difference between the 36’s and 74’s? The 74’s have improved hardware and slightly better access times.

I would put the 2 80’s in RAID-1 and use them to back up the Raptor. That’s what I do here: 2 Raptors in RAID-0 and 2 Baracudda 160’s in RAID-1 for secure backups.


i believe the 74s have FDB motors and the 36s don’t. oddly enough the 74s seem a bit louder (probably due to the open nature of my lian li v1000 case - all those holes in the chassis). the 74s are definitely a bit faster on seek and access times but in real world usage, it’s hard to tell the difference.

rdgrimes suggestion to run the 2 80s in RAID-1 is better than my initial suggestion and ultimately what i would do if i had that setup of HDs.

slightly off topic but i’m currently shopping around for at least 1 more 250gb/300/or 400gb HD. currently looking at the Maxtor MaxLine III, Seagate 7200.8 and Hitachi 7k40 or whatever model it is. i’ve almost exclusively used WD drives in the past but am itching to try out the above 3 brands.


I am going to play with the $60usd and get the two 80’s and try RAID 0 at least there will be room for when I bone head up and put a tv shaow on the defualt © drive. and ALL the games will be on one drive as well.

I just ran a SISoft test and my raptor might be bad it only has a transfer rate of 45mbs while my Seagate 120 has a transfer rate of 55mbs what gives?


Go for the new Western Digital’s WD3200JB, it’s a great performer.
Check it out here

Back ontopic:

That’s what I also would do. :iagree:


If you have that many disks, why not choose RAID 5? :slight_smile:


you can’t RAID 5 with only 3 drives, can you?

thx, namoh, but i’m going to try a diff brand HD this time around. having had 7 or so WDs, i’m ready to try something else. i’m leaning towards the newest seagate 7200.8s.


RAID 5 can be done with 5 drives. If you want to do RAID 5 well, you need a good controller. It can be done by software, but the parity calculations eat too much of your CPU to be interesting. So if you’re ready to spend a few hundreds on a new controller… well then you’d have a very nice RAID setup!

If not, just stick with the cheaper alternatives :wink:



Yes, you can

RAID 5 's minimum is 3 drives.

Nice promise card.

I’ll admit RAID5 is pretty useless for a workstation :slight_smile:


drpino FYI bought two Seagate Sata drives 8mb cashe and could get no more than 92Mbs in HD-Tach so was unhappy with them and switched them out for Maxtor 8mb drives, The Sata runs 120mbs Primary IDE and the two Maxtors Ata 133’s run avg 108mbs off on board Promise Sata Controller So if you are looking for good transfer Maybe look at WD or Maxtor.Hope this helps with your decision.


(sigh) thanks Mr. B :stuck_out_tongue:

thx crossg…im just weary of Maxtors from a dependability standpoint.


I can understand that as I have had to retun one, but mostly have had great luck and Maxtors Advanced RMA is excellent, No questions asked


thx again…good to know their service is good. i’m really limited to what Best Buy carries (which isn’t a whole lot).