RAID 0: DMA on or off?

Is DMA supposed to be turned off on my raptor raid? Its an abit nf7s2, sil 3112 raid 0 striping. I know it shoud be on for the burner. My single ide maxtor has it ON so…how about the raid? Mine’s off.

It should be on. :iagree:

Ok, briefly, how do I turn it on?

try using search next time

Sorry Mr. Brownstone, guess I’m a 'tard (short for retard) Here’s the deal: using those steps, dma shows as “on” in both primary and secondary. But Nero or Shrink said it was “off” in a log of a failed burn.
Remember, however, this is a s-ata RAID, which is not ide at all, correct?

serial ata is very much an ide interface. too many people refer to the two interfaces as “ide vs serial ata” when it should be “parallel ata vs serial ata”.

because your setup is RAIDED, some apps will see the array as DMA off while the individual drives are actually DMA enabled. this is because some apps see just the controller whereas some see both the controller and the individual drives (mostly limited to system config/info tools like SiSoft, Everest, RAID monitoring apps, etc.).