hi all

can anybody tell me which is the best read to go with my nec3520a at the moment i have got a benq 1650t x16 i have try nero cd dvd test and it tops at 7.93x thats on a dvd-r copy when i try anariginle it come up with a erro no sense somat my nec as 1.u9 on it all i wont do is wright at 8x or 12x from a master disk.

whalpin :confused: :confused:


Do you mean copy on the fly, from dvd drive to dvd writer.

Write at 4x, because read speed sets the limit.

Read a image to Harddisk and burn the media at highest supported speed.


I got an Aopen 1648/AAP/Pro DVDROM drive to go with the NEC3520A since the Aopen can rip at high speed up to 6-16x even for DL discs. Got the Aopen for $25 at Newegg.


if you reader can only read 7.93 4x is the fastest i would try on the fly as you need you’r read speed to be alot faster than burn speed liteon 166s drives once used hacked firmware can read at at a max 14x which is good for 6-8 x burning even burned a original dvd5 on the fly at 6x speed once all though i would normally do that at 4x with nero & anydvd miss having a reader takes so long with only a writer might get a asus or Aopen next