Radius Media Question



is this a good deal? will this work with NEC 2500a?


Radius brand DVD-R discs have been found to be OPTODISC.
If their DVD+RW is also OPTODISC, I would avoid it as many people have reported issues with Optodisc DVD+RW.
I would suggest going with something more reliable such as RICOHJPNW11 DVD+RW.


I was wondering about these Radius DVD+R. Any chance they could be Optodisc as well? Anyone tried these yet?



Yes those Radius discs are OPTODISCOR4.

Edit: I see you’ve just posted in the media test forum with OPTDISCOR8 results.
Is that disc a Radius disc from your link above?


No, not one from the link above. I was thinking about trying these Radius since they are so cheap.