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check out this dvd player from radioshack this week.cyberhome(ch-dvd300/s or 300/b.maybe the best bang for the buck?

How much?

$58 +tax and a$10 mail-in rebate.can’t beat it.but you already spent too much money at staples.anyway i got 2.

Sorry, I don’t buy radioshack products…

Originally posted by Stoner
Sorry, I don’t buy radioshack products…

It’s not a Radio Shack product. Best Buy also sells (or sold) CyberHome DVD players. I tried one and found that it would not play any of my DVD-Rs so I took it back. If you guys are talking about the one I’ve seen at Radio Shack, it’s one of the smallest (non-portable) DVD players I’ve seen.

Anyway, if you look around, you can generally find a Mintek or Apex player (or occasionally some other brand) for about $50, and sometimes with a $10 rebate in addition. (The Cyberhome that I tried and returned would have worked out to something like 37.99 after rebates.)

Mintek is shit. Tried DVD+R on it, doesn’t even recognize. Can’t believe I wasted $60 on the POS.

Originally posted by Stoner
Mintek is shit. Tried DVD+R on it, doesn’t even recognize. Can’t believe I wasted $60 on the POS.

Don’t have any DVD+ media, works fine with my DVD-R Princos.
What model and version did you try? I have the DVD-1600, there are (at least) two versions. Some play CMC/K-Hypermedia
DVD-Rs, some don’t (I have one in each category). I’ve tried Memorex (Ritek) and Princo DVD-RWs, they like the Ritek, but not the Princo. Of course, you may have just gotten a defective player (as cheap as they are, there’s bound to be a higher defect rate than more expensive brands).

I also have model 1600 v1.5, the one w/o the Video CD label, but with the chip inside that allows you to flash it to region free.

It’s not a defect unit 'cause I can play everything else just fine, just not the Fuji 2.4x DVD+R I put in. Slow loading unit w/ fair quality picture compare to the Sony S530D model.

My 500 Cyberhome I got from Best Buy plays all of the different dvd medias I’ve burned and thrown at it as long as they are made properly.
The 300 is sposed to be able to read even more formats and can read data DVD’s which means lots of MPG’s or MP3’s or whatever as long as it knows the format.
The 500 won’t do data DVD’s but it does automaticly decode any DD/DTS format down to 2 or 5 channel analog while it is doing the digital out at the same time. It also can’t play MPG’s or WMA but it does have a excellent normal video output, hopefully the 300 is as nice.
They also actualy answer their tech support questions and try to fix problems.