Radio streaming at it's best

I have been searching in the last weeks for a decent radio streaming utility, and started of course with the free ones, like Station ripper that was kind of cute in the beginning then realised it was missing things :slight_smile: then Screamer Radio that kept on crushing my PC…etc.

Bottom line is that I want an advice on what tools are you guys using, no matter if they cost or not, but are really “professional”, reliable, the works…because there are like 1 million tools that do this, and testing all would be “a bit” time consuming :slight_smile:

I like using iTunes on my Mac. That along with the Live 365 channels you can add to it are pretty cool. Maybe the PC version of iTunes would do it for ya as far as playback?

Is there any doubt what is the best ? I just discovered today a tool that made my day…Sorry if I seem a bit frenzied, but I am so excited about it.
It’s called Radiotracker, dunno if I’m allowed to post link on forum, but it has best features a radio streamer can have, besides the usual recording of radio stations:
-it delivers lyrics and cover pictures
-it burns to CD, it syncs with portable devices
-and it record only your favourite songs, which imo is the best feature ever. No more filling the hdd with useless songs.

The only downside it has, is that it costs money :frowning:


Using Radiotracker for a while now, I only can agree with you, NixonDavid. Also, think about it: I now have a music collection that makes my parties and I don’t think that I would have collected so much music by buying it. I do not mean only the financial part but also the time you have to invest to find the best music to buy. I just leave Radiotracker on and it brings me all the music I want.
About the fact that it costs money… I think that I would have paid much more if I had bought all the music that Radiotracker downloaded for me. So, I don’t think that the tool is expensive, it has a decent price, that you can afford when comparing to what sometimes an “x” album costs…

Or you could have paid nothing and use a free radio streamer :wink:

But if you want to get quality software, usually u have to pay, and Radiotracker is one of the few exceptions that made me pay. I’ve been with this baby from almost it’s very beginning and it brought me the best deal.

Btw, here is the link Radiotracker

Hmmm, only 2 products ? ANd one of them is for Mac, which I don’t have…
Seems like this radiotracker is the king of them all, since nobody presented another tool.
Going for it tomorrow if nothing else pops-up :wink:

iTunes also comes free for Windows XP

Unfortunately, iTunes doesn’t fulfill my needs.

But Radiotracker is way ahead in this game. It fits me like a glove, with the large amount of features it has and especially the wish list, which seems to be unique in this area.
I guess, I found the one software I was looking for.
Thanks for the good tip guys!