Radio Stations in Europe

Hi there

I just wanted to know if anyone knew of any FTA radio stations between 42e and 30w that I can pick up Dance music stations ie playing ‘Rave’ Styled music …techno, trance etc…

The radio reception is great compared to my DAB radio.

Thanks for any replies

My recommendation would be to scan through the radio stations on Astra 19.2E, 13E and 28.2E as it is quite difficult to judge the station by its name. For example BBC Radio 1 plays chart music, BBC Radio 3 plays classical, the German radio station RTL Radio plays oldies and so on. With over 1,000 stations, I’m sure there are stations that cover pretty much all tastes. I passed an evening surfing the stations and found several that plays my type of music on all three satellites.

If you got an uncapped internet connection or with a decent download limit, it would be worth having a look through the Shoutcast radio stations also. I popped ‘Rave’ into their seach engine and got 59 streams (mostly MP3 & AAC+). Most of the MP3 broadcasts have a 128kbps bitrate, so if you are happy listening to MP3s encoded at 128kbps, there should be no issue with the quality of many of the radio stations, assuming their server is not overloaded. :wink:

Ther are a bunch that plays those style.

Check out some radios from France, you’ll find some nice stations there.

Thank you for the information regarding Shoutcast…most of those shows are pre-recorded, I was looking for some live broadcasts.

Sean, I wanted to use the sat option as the sound comes over at 48khz ie Mpeg2 audio, which coupled with my sound card/speakers sounds much better than sampled at 128kbps.

I’ll rescan Astra 1/2 (Radio 1 - Fergie on Saturday nights!) and Hotbird and listen to them…so many stations LOL…

Chef…I thought you might know of some German stations as Berlin is one of the ‘Dance’ capitals of the world :slight_smile:


Some of them transmit via 128kbps, some 160 and most of them 192 afaik.

They transmit as mpeg 1 layer 2.

Don’t know a station from Berlin sending out that kind of music via Astra.
There was Sunshine Live a while ago.

From France probably some stations are interesting to youlike Radio FG. Others from Switzerland like Couleur3 and Virus…

Thanks for the advice, I found one on Hispasat 30w…FTA (EMA Radio)…guess I’ll just have to check the rest!