Radio software: the legal Napster?



I just posted the article Radio software: the legal Napster?.

Source: TheRegister

Some new fancy software from may mean you’ll never have to pay for your favourite songs again. And the good thing is that it’s perfectly legal.

That is…

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What about the quality? is it good enough to burn it on CD?
Or are we getting shitty radio quality songs? And are the songs censored? I think you all know how shitty Limp Bizkit and Eminem sounds on MTV! Break Stuff could have been renamed ‘Censored Stuff’, when it’s on MTV. Here in the Netherlands we also have TMF, a music channel wich doesn’t censor those clips. But I think they won’t take Napster down. They’re simply too big. People will get very angry and then a lot of sites will be hacked and stuff like that.


That sounds pretty crap to be honest. Just use napster you know were you stand there and if not napster use FTP a lot better i think what about you???


Ftp is nice to get the newest full albums enz enz but napster is cool if you search that 1 song you always wanted


Public broadcasters rule. The hosts of the CBC (Canadian Braodcasting Corpoation)are pretty cool.