Radio Shack makes good on free DVD player rebate combo

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      Here we have an example, of how consumers can use the  Internet to facilitate change, even when it concerns big companies and important  issues Last holiday season, just...
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what a joke

This is just disturbing and wrong. Way to abuse the system and get rewarded for it. I’d almost understand allowing a small group of people to get their rebates… but those people buying 10 DVD players and giving them out to family? Come on. Especially when the fine print says you can’t combine offers! I mean it’s fine and dandy to try and get away with it… but these people actually were upset when they couldn’t rip off Radio Shack! Idiots. Times like this I hate consumers.

Once again, people assume that what they read and hear on the internet has to be true. Things like this just erk me! Come on people, read the fine print, ignorance gets you nowhere in life!

i really hope that this will teach companies a lesson or two regarding rebates. imho, rebates offers are evil; rebate offers should be banned :d

I bought 2 of these on Dec 23. The problem was that it was ADVERTISED for $-5.01 after REBATES! BOTH rebates were posted on THEIR WEBSITE. IF a “Mistake” was made purposely or inadvertantly…in reality someone pays for the mistake…sorry to say that, but that’s REALY LIFE! What that guy posted on his website where just the FACTS. Even Radio Shack stated that the Website did not influence it’s decision. There are LAWS again “False Advertisments” And this is what happened. People called into the Rebate Center to ask them if both rebates would be honor, they said yes, so people when to buy the items. A lot of promotions says “can’t conbine with other offers”. How about a sale and a rebate? A sale and a coupon? A rebate and a coupon? Rebate and free shipping? Discount code and rebate? You can see how “can’t combine offers” can make a mess. It could say, “can’t combine with other rebates”

I find it funny how when people make a mistake, it’s never them and it’s always someone else that should take the blame; but when a big corporation makes one, everyone expects them to bite the bullet and pay up… The good old saying goes: “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

You are considering Radio Shack as a “Corporation” entity for making the mistake. Radio Shack Corporation is PAYING for a mistake one of their EMPLOYEE made. I’m sure they will find out whos fault is it and that person will have consequences. If a pharmacist made a mistake, SavOn or Walgreens are paying for that person’s mistake. OfficeMax always had “FREE ITEMS” after “Mail in Rebates”, they had it week after week. It’s free and it’s true. Staples occationally has several products free after rebate, usually software. So you would by some software, a corded phone, a rebated item and use a $25 off $100, and you would make $5 above all the items you bought. Totally legal and above all, you are getting paid to buy the items.

I find it interesting when something like this happens and several people have a “they deserved it” reaction. I guess it’s my age, but I remember when thugs were considered individuals ripping people off. Now large corporations do it all the time and they’ve brainwashed the public into believing it’s just business. I buy Norton utilities every year with two rebates offered, and every year they tell me mine has been denied because I forgot to include something, and every year I call and then they approve it. I wonder how many just say, “oh well”. Bet it add’s up to a lot of $. BTW, an employee in the store told me it was free after rebate.

yeah…thats why i stopped using norton products. if they wont give me the rebate that i did correctly then theres no way in hell im gonna buy their antivirus