Radio Shack in, $9.99 for 25 pack Memorex Ricoh JPNR 03



Radio Shack has Memorex 16x DVD+R which turns out to be Ricoh JPNR03 in 25 spindles for $9.99. Heads up, there was ONE spindle left after I bought my two from our rat shack. Haven’t burned any yet, but from what I’ve seen, they’re nice disks. They also have 16x DVD-R there which I have NO IDEA what they are. I had a hunch the Memorex were the JPNR03. Enjoy yall!!! :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:


thankz for the gret info, i am going to check for it 2m :bigsmile:


memorex can be cmc prodisc or richjpn 16x +r media


how to tell which are CMC? I’ve tried the RicohJPN and they suck. Prodisc - never again. I’d like to chance upon a CMC for the trifecta :slight_smile:


Ricoh JPNR03 suck??? Whatever, I dunno what the BenQ does with them, but the 3500a is producing burns that rival the best Yuden burns with them! The Ricoh JPNR03 are in a purple 25 pack and do say made in taiwan on the side of the package. The bottom has a thick lip with 6 spokes in it, and there is a paper label covering the disks. I dunno if the other types of media will be any different or not. Good luck, I SERIOUSLY DOUBT that you’ll get any better results with CMC if you get CRAP with Ricoh JPNR03 and Prodisc :rolleyes: . Most other people have great results with those two medias, so I dunno what makes you so special :Z :Z :Z . I personally love the Ricoh JPNR01, and the prodisc media I’ve tried all burns @ 12x.


ok check this out

after reading peoples opinon and scans, richojpn 3 and the prodisc 16x+r are about the same quilty when at 16x and cmc is hit or miss

i wouldnt mind trying some prodisc and rich 16x

i might go pick up a pack to try for the heck of it, prob not tho as i got a aton of media i have to use first


same disc are on sale at OM this week,
And I’m not so impresed with the Ricoh’s eather
scans are posted here ->


Thanks for info Dear Slayer. Maybe you can help me to confirm this: Identifying Memorex 16x DVD±R

RICOHJPNR03 is a very good media, burned in:

Will try @16x on BenQ 1640 if I have a chance.


Ricoh R03 really isn’t that great, at least not on my 16x burners (PX-716A /UF, GSA-4163B and DVR-A09). R01 was superb media, but R02 and R03 don’t live up to the standard it set for the most part. I did run across a batch of Fujifilm-branded R02 this year that burned perfectly at 8x though.


Actually, I bought a box of Memorex 16x +R that was RicohJPNR03 - a few discs were very good, but the bulk of the box was poor. :frowning: Don’t think I’ll buy these again.


yea, i guess the best memorex +R media at 16x is the prodisc from what i have seen and read scan wise


memorex 16x DVD+R can also be PHILIPSC16 (at least the 50pk spindle i bought was)…


It’d be nice if Memorex didn’t package everything in the same cakebox but rather used the cakeboxes of the various manufacturers, like how TDK does with its 8x DVD+R (TY discs are usually in TY cakeboxes, CMC in CMC cakeboxes, etc.).


RicohJPNR03 are not very good, and I’ve never seen good scans of these except for one exception, by zevia.
My definition of crap is anything which cannot reliably get 98 or 99 quality scan scores. At least 8 out of 10 discs should be 98 or better, and with Ricoh garbage that’s not possible (even for zevia!)


sorry, IMHO that’s an unreasonable definition of “crap” quality media…and is an example of what this forum can do to people and their expectations of this technology…


The package looks all the same. I couldn’t see what’s inside.
I picked up one just to see and lol it was CMC M01.

In my test with my BenQ 1620, it turns out to be one of the worst media I’ve ever had.
Unless you can find a way to distinguish Ricohjpnr03, I don’t recommend this.