Radio Shack 5006 or Best Buy 1101HC1?

Another “what should I buy?” question…

Both are about the same price, after rebate. Will be recording from Dish network and home video from VHS tapes and my digital camcorder.

Seems to be a lot of good stuff here in the forums on the 5006, not so much on the 1101HC1. I like the S video connection on the 5006, but the 1101HC1 seems to have a little more functionality in terms of timer recording functions. Wondering if anybody has strong opinions either way.

Thanks in advance.

I’d go with 5006 for the same price. I believe it’s All-Write (+/- and CD) whereas the 1101 is only +. The SVIDEO in is another plus (I miss it a little on my 1105). The 1101 might record Dolby Digital audio (the 1105 does, the 5005 uses mpeg audio). And it’s nice to have the front panel displays which the 11xx series lacks.

The 1105 adds dual format (+/-) and MPEG 4 (Divx, Xvid) playback, and is usually available for around $ 100.