Radio giant to offer music downloads

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I guess the majority of the CD Freaks visitors has done it, download MP3 files and decode them and burn them to a CD. If you have downloaded copyrighted music from major record labels this is…

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It’s always the same. When will they ever learn??!! Probably shitty quality, no permission to burn, dl limit per month, etc. Shall this be an alternative?? I for my part maybe will start using these services if the songs are downloadable as wav files (my priority is quality, yes) and if i can use them where I want to and play them as often as I want to!

P2P is cool because: 1) No download limits 2) No credit card needed 3) No restrictions; it’ll work on Mac, PC, Linux, portables, cars, CD-R, MP3 players and a lot of DVD players. To compete with this, the industry offers us: 1) Limited downlaods 2) A subscription needing credit card 3) Restrictions so we can only listen to it on computer. Gee, I can see the entire P2P world ditching Grokster and going for this.

When they have a service were I can download CD quality versions of songs (preferably wav :)), listen to them as much as I want, and even burn them to cds then I might actually pay for a service like that. I want cd quality if I am paying a monthly fee, nothing less. Btw, anyone know were I could get some wavs of music instead of MP3/OGG?

Correct me if i’m wrong but how can they stop you burning or MP3ing the songs. If you can play it then surely just run an audio program in the background and record a clean file off the stereo mixer output - no need for cables or anything. As long as you’ve got a reasonable sound card it should be good quality.

did anyone notice the cost ? $7.50 for 50 songs or $15 for 100 song. what the hell ??? isnt the idea of tempting someone into buying more, to offer a discounted price ??

In a word “JAMMIT” :7

Hmmm… doesn’t tempt me. but i like the idea of services like that, i had a subscription at an it was really cool… 10$ a month and then u have unlimited download, of 128 Kbit mp3’s… sadly there wasn’t enough of my kind of music left(downloadet about 16 Gigs :7 ) so i cancelled the subscrption

.WAV would be good. Also, they shouldn’t be cd rips, they should be before mastering to CD… After they mix the songs, but before they put in the >22000hz cutoffs. That way we would actually be getting better than CD quality digital media. And there would have to be full documentation on each song as well. Perhaps .WAV + id3v2 tags. (If I download, I should get full information with it, date of release, artist, album, song name, genre, etc.) I’d even settle for Lame 3.92 -r3mix VBR quality, but none of that 128kbit stuff. either lame --r3mix or fraunhoffer 320kbps rips. Anything less would be criminal :4