Radeon 9800 Pro AIW Water Cooling

Anyone know if there is a GPU block out there that would fit the 9800 AIW? I am buying a swiftech water cooling kit and I need a block to fit on that card’s GPU. The swiftech blocks only run up to a 9700. Any suggestions?

The SWIFTECH will work fine.

Any water block models to be specific? I know the kits are great but I am referring to the actual block that comes in contact with the GPU.

Is the 9800 AIW different from a 9800 Pro or other. Try checking the Swiftech MCW50 GPU Waterblock

Mounting hardware for a wide range of GPUs, such as ATI® Radeon™ 9000 to 9800 and NVidia® GForce™ products

This is the 9800 Pro AIW:

This is a regular 9800 Pro:

The TV tuner takes up a bit of space and might interfere with the placement of the block.

The mounting holes on both cards are the same.
The water block should not be large enough to interfere with the TV tuner on the AIW cards.
And, in the case of waterblocks, they are considerably smaller than standard heatsink solutions and therefore space is not a major concern.

Find a COPPER block with fittings that will be compatible with the hoses you plan to use.
Different water cooling systems use different size hoses and this should be your focus when building a kit from various manufacturers.

If you plan on going with SWIFTECH…stick with their block.
As far as which model…whatever they say will work with the 9800.

Looks to me like the Swiftech will fit.

Thanks guys.