RADEON 9600 TX causes winxp home to crash!



hi everyone,

a short time ago i bought myself the Medion Titanium MD 8008 computer from ALDI.
also, i purchased the 17" TFT from Medion as well.

now, for the 4th time in about 2 months, suddenly the computer acts crazy, freezes and does not respond anymore and will display a message saying that there was a problem with the display driver.

now, last time it happend really scared the sh*t out of me because windows did not boot up anymore cause the pc got stuck on the bootup-screen (the black one displaying …“checking IDE drives”.

i had to reboot several time and wait for about 10 minutes (!!!) and boot up in safe mode to be able to start up again!

i’ve uninstalled and re-installed the ATI-drivers from the ATI-site AND from the Medion site at least 3 times and after each install everything seems fine as if nothing ever happend, untill…right, the pc freezes up again and everything starts all over.

now, i wanted to ask you fine people if someone had the same problem and if there is a way to end these problems without having to change to another videocard.

thanx for your help everyone.



If the card is not a built by ATi card, then you can’t really use the drivers for Built By ATi Cards… Drivers would not influence anything at all during bootup, are you sure that all cables and cards are properly seated in your computer?


Check whether your hardware is compatible or whether ur bios settings are “whacky” because falty settings in the bios force windows or systems to become unstable
i increased my FSB and CPU speed by 33% my computer crashed quite often,
or when i played with my IRQ settings my windows will go weird
Also make sure u are using the latest bios revisions!!!11


i have the exact same computer and mine also had the same problem although my problem was with the HDD drive, i know it sounds wierd but next time it does it just give your computer a good smack, worked for me and it hasnt happened again, also get onto the medion support line because apparently there is a fault in the HDD’s shipped with the computer (look at its S.M.A.R.T info) and they’ll sort somethin out!!

hope this helps, mines runnin fine now!!


The TX cards are unique because usually you have to get them from a computer manufacturer. Dell sells the 9700TX. I would definitely check with the manu first, but the ATI Catalyst Drivers should work ok.

Another route you might want to try is the unlicensed Omega Drivers which rock for gaming, but might solve your problem.