Radeon 9600 & NWN issues

I recently put together a computer for my friend.

Athlon XP 2500+
80GB Maxtor 2MB 7200RPM
Gigabyte GA-7VM400M-P
Saphire 9600 128MB
512MB Kingston PC2700
WinXP Pro

Every game we’ve tried so far runs great except Never Winter Nights. This is pretty much the only game he plays and the whole reason he bought the thing is to play this game at work :stuck_out_tongue:
3D Mark runs nice and gets an adequate 9000 points.

Problem is it seems to take about 1-3 mins for the game to “warm up”. It will be very jerky and then all of a sudden seem to “kick in” and start playing fine. After that the only time he gets some slow down is in area’s with a crap load of monsters like the end of this one module he built.
The game has crashed to desktop a few times as well with the standard ‘This application had to be closed by Windows message’.

I’ve tried a couple different versions of drivers and NWN is all caught up on patches. I’ve played with the card’s performance/quality settings as well as the games settings with no luck yet.

The game runs fine on his older PC with a slower MX440 in it so he is a little peeved (and so am I) that his new better computer can’t play his favorite game properly.

Any ideas?

I’ll heard over to th NWN forums for help. Thanks anyways :smiley:

It seems to me that this is some kind of caching problem. Is there perhaps very little memory allocatable?

Oh no there is lot’s of resources available. I tweaked the heck outta that baby. It’s an older game and should have no problems running on this rig.

At the NWN forums it seems I’m not the only one with these issues, looks like it might be the Radeon 9600… although there are a whole bunch of things I’m going to try.

Thanks for the reply though cheif :smiley: