Radeon 7500 to t.v



My video card has an s-video output and I am trying to use tv as a monitor and all it does is give me a rolling screen. I can see the desktop but with the rolling screen cant tell what I am doing.

The system I am trying to use this on is a AMD 2.4, 512 mb pc 3200, Radeon 7500 128 mb.

Does any one know anything that I can try or do to fix this?

Thanks for any info


Make sure you have all the software that came with your card installed. Look in control pannel for icons that have to do with your video. My 7200 had an ati specific icon that would chang the display output. I think with my 8500 it’s just under the default windows display settings icon. When I have ran a tv as a monitor it had to change the display resolution to be compatible with a tv. It would display on the monitor and tv at the same time but the computer display lookes squished and thier were black bars on the top and bottom (and it looked normal on the tv). Another thing you might try. reboot the computer with the tv hooked up. With my 7200 it had to be hooked up when the computer was started for it to detect the display properlly.
Sorry I cannot help more but I’m not farmiliar with your specific card. Hopefully some of that will help though.