Race Driver FADE is NEW & IMPROVED Please read on

I have been able to back up the game using the twin sector method and the backup seems to work fine how ever I have had some interesting observations.

Strangely the back up image made using the Twin Sectors method DID NOT like any of the Blue/Silver Dyes blanks typical in some old 24X blanks, hence it did not pass the Securom Boot Check at the start.

While the very same image worked fine on a silver/silver dyes common on 48X certified blanks the Securom 4.8X check passed the boot stage.

Now After reading all the threads and all the odd observations that every one seemed to have experienced, I have found something that is COMPLETELY different and REPRODUCABLE !

As mentioned before the back up plays fine and tracks can be accessed as normal and race can be completed, No Lockups No reboot no OS corruptions like it was reported, but here is where it gets interesting ! . . .

Try to view the REPLY of the RACE you have just completed, PERFECTLY with out a scratch on the car, does not matter what stage or what car etc . . .

Amazingly after a few minutes or some times seconds in the replay you’ll see your car DOING CRAZY TURNS going back agains the traffic hitting the walls and some times turing over like they have a mind of their own. Completley other than how you controlled them.

I have tried the back up in couple of different machines and got the exact same result.

Needless to say replacing the backup with the originals fixed this issue on the spot.

I have only been playing the free races for now and that is what I have observed so far.

I don’t know what other surprises if any is awaiting !

In conclusion, there is got to be some thing else other than Securom 4.8X that is casuing this unusuall behavior.

If it is FADE then it must have been improved immensly since its introduction in OFP some time ago.

Interesting copy protection method…FADE does not affect actual gameplay in anyway?

Originally posted by BadReligionPR
FADE does not affect actual gameplay in anyway?

Well not that I could see, noting unusuall so far !

Cars handles just fine as they should and the opponents behave as they should noting crazy as I have seen in the reply.

Then again I have just only started the game ! Other surprises ? Maybe ?! :confused:

I made a copy using twinpeak/CloneCD on a highspeed CD-RW from Intenso. It works as far as getting past the Securom check, but when the second videoclip is supposed to start (the one that starts with the text ‘Present day’) it drops out to the Windows desktop. I can’t copy all the files from the cd to the harddisk. I know that can be a problem with a twinpeak copy but I have previously copied Unreal 2 and Unreal Tournament 2003 the same way using the same media and played it in the same drive (Liteon DVD 166 and Liteon 52246S). The only way to get this to work is to make an additional copy without twinpeak, start the game with the twinpeak copy and when the ‘Originals do not fade’ screens are on I swap to the copy without Twinpeak. It works. Like Paradox I have only tried the free races and I haven’t tried the replay function, I will do that when I get home. I just think it’s strange that I can’t read the cd when it works with the other games. I have tried settings 6, 15 and 50 in twinpeak and the bwa file seems very good.