hi ive been trying to copy ra2 ive made working copies but they only work in the burner i read at 2x i read both sub chanel data retries = 0 error correction = none if

u can help plz do so thnx:)

Which burner do you have? RA2 is the ‘classic’ example of a SafeDisc 2 protected game… You need hardware that supports Correct EFM Encoding to make a good back-up. Here are some links to help you:

SafeDisc 2 Explained.
SafeDisc 2 supported writers list.
CloneCD Hardware Requirements.


ive got a plex 16-10-40a 1.00 cdr and a pioneere dvd rom 116 1.07

ive tried reading with both and coping on the fly
i also tried fire burner blind write and a hand full of others cloneCD works better than all of them but not perfect

P.S i just read the above and says wif my drive it will play only from writer so i will keep trying thnx