RA -> WAV/MP3 converter



here: http://www.johny.sk/cdrinfo/

C ya
Ruff-Next Gangsta


Where can I find a RA -> WAV/MP3 converter?


Ruff-Next Gangsta,

I’v been looking for that program on the page you erferred to. Unfortunately I didn’t find it. What is the name of the program? That might help me in my search.
The exact link would be great too.



I found it myself.

Look at http://www.streambox.com

The program is called Streambox Ripper.

I can also send it to you if you want.
Mail to: rob.janssen@chello.nl


The version that can be downloaded at the streamboxsite since early january does not support RA to MP3/WAV converting. If you are lucky you can still find the old and now banned version at: http://filedudes.ionsys.com/win95/mencode/sboxrppr.html
Then download crack from here-