Ra, rm to mp3 audioconversion

hi guys
i new here and could sure use some help
i want to convert my audio cd to mp3 format.i tried using real player and windows player but they do not work
do yu know any free software where i canconvert my cd to mp3 fprmat :confused:


Use the LAME encoder and you have probably the best MP3 quality you can get…learn more about it in this forum (search for EAC/ExactAudioCopy or CDEX)

http://www.dbpoweramp.com/dmc.htm is very nice, with plugins it support most audio formats…

I like Lame and Exact Audio Copy to.

Great programs.

I see you have ra and ram in your title as well though. I think that EAC will only do Wav->mp3 or CD->mp3.