R9 Media Codes



Hi everyone,

Well I bought some Verbatim DVD+R DL discs only to find out my drive didn’t support them. I originally had a Sony DW-D56a which I then flashed to a SOSW-852S in hopes of getting the DL discs to burn. It was only then I realized that the Verbatim discs I bought are of the type “MKM-003” (Imgburn log told me) whereas my current firmware only seems to support “MKM-001”. Is it possible to get the 003 discs to work? I read some stuff about changing media codes and reassigning write strategies in OmniPatcher but that only works for regular +/- R discs? Is it possible to add support for R9 media codes?

Thanks, any help is appreciated.


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You can burn your MCC 003 with the MCC 001 strategy by renaming the MID. Simply click on MCC 001 and change the ‘1’ to a ‘3’.


Thanks for the reply ala42 :smiley:

I went ahead and did that then reflashed my firmware. It seems to have worked but during the burn it popped up with “Power calibration area full” errors a couple of times. I just clicked “retry” each time and it took the bait, but would my disc be faulty in anyway even though it was a successful burn?

So now I can’t burn MKM 001 discs (if i ever come upon them) without the need to reflash, can I add support for both MKM 001 and 003?

Finally, should I just revert back to my original firmware with the PDS7 stock (with the changed MID of course) because I don’t really see any noticeable difference between PS08 and PDS7.


You could use the VERIFY option in Imgburn to compare source and target.