R3mix profile

i have seen the profile called r3mix in 2 softwares i.e eac and easy cd-da extractor , both wonderful softwares, anyway i wanted to know how is it compared to the normal 192 kbits/s .
and whats the diffreence , which is better?
thanx in advance

AFAIK the r3mix profile is outdated.

For better quality using Lame, besides all the ‘tweaks’, use JS and not stereo as most people encoding mp3’s seem to do.

Almost all the 192 kb/s mp3’s done using lame are true stereo - this is wasteful of b/w and loses quality compared to JS, which is now fine - early encoders JS modes were very poor, includinf Fraunhoffer - it was severly flawed in the HF area.

Some people say they can hear no difference, but a good 256K/bs lame 3.9x JS vbr (or cbr) encode sounds so much better than a 192 Kb one. To me, it sounds fuller - always.

The first difference between r3mix and 192 is that the first is VBR, (Variable Bit Rate) while the second is CBR (Constant Bit Rate).
CBR = Size is constant, but quality can vary
VBR = size can vary, but quality is constant, much preferred for sound quality.

Now, the r3mix profile have been replaced by the —Alt-presets, especially --alt-preset standard, which is a bit higher in bitrate, but also in quality. r3mix is not updated nor tuned anymore since a long time.

Joint Stereo / Stereo are internal switches whose use is fully optimized in the --alt-presets (they use --nssafejoint, that is an improved joint stereo).

hey thanx a lot

hey pio2001
can u tell me where to d’load the profile or what to do with it i seem to be lost, i couldnt find it in the link u gave me.
sorry for the trouble.

The link I gave you is about the standalone Lame.exe. The preset is added in the command line typed to launch the program.

Here’s a profile for EAC : http://www.chrismyden.com/nuke/modules.php?op=modload&name=Elite_DAE&file=painless

thanx for the help i d’loaded the profile and got it working. But one question i just ripped a 7 min file to mp3 and it is 70 mb is this size of the file normal , coz it is way way big.
i don’t have that much space that i can store most of my albums on my hd if every song is 70 mb.
very many thanx anyway.
great place this cdfreaks!

No, this is the size of a wav, not an mp3. You ripped “uncompressed” instead “compressed”, of or clicked “wav” instead of “MP3”, or EAC couldn’t compressed, and left the files as wav without converting them to MP3.