R230 cd tray loading problem

i have an epson r230 which i use for cd printing only
recently, it’s difficult to load the cd tray, i need to push the tray manually with my hand untul is can load in to the printer

anyone have a same problem with me?


Welcome to CDF’s

I have no problems with my older tray yet but i contacted Epson anyway and told them i wanted the new style tray and they sent me one.

Does yours have the clear plastic on the feed end? The newer ones have black rubber on the feed end.

I have an Epson R320 with the older tray and always have to give it a shove to start moving in but all else works OK from then on.

LOVE printing onto the disc.

I used to have the same problem with my R200 when I was still using the old style tray
that came with it with the plastic ends. I bought a new style tray and have had no more
trouble with it loading since then. :clap:

thanks for all the info, but, where do you live anyway? (getit29 & rolling56)
i live in indonesia & i’ve never heard about new style tyar
do you have any pic of it and or url’s?


As for myself I live in the good ol’ USA in the state of Tennessee here is a link
to the auction of the guy that I bought my tray from.
Here is a picture of the new style tray I have marked the changes on the new
style the rest of the tray is the same.

You can purchase the tray here also: $6.99 plus shipping. http://www.vancebaldwin.com/products/?1429662

I’ve noticed with extended use, the tray gets very slick on the bottom side (the side that contacts the printer most). This slickness causes the tray to lose traction when it is drawn into the printer.

I just called Epson and they sent me the new tray free.

Did you call technical or pre sales support, what number did you call. I emailed them and their reply was to buy a new printer then I would get a new tray other wise go buy a tray on the net. Not a very good way to handle a problem when they know its a problem with their design and now they have fixed it.