R220 or converted Pixma 6000d for labels?

I want to use cd/dvd printables instead of peel off labels. I have a pixma 6000d & but will have to find a tray, change the registry, change drivers etc. to use for printables. The site I found has instructions for the change but are kinda vague for me & I’ll probably wind up screwing up my printer.
On the other hand, I can get the Epson R220 refurbished for $63.90, but according to some of the posts, many have had problems with the plastic cd/dvd trays.

The R220 seems to be the better choice as I get my cartridges & refills from inkcityusa.com (american premium ink) at a good price. :clap:
Questions I have–

  1. Can you get a better or modified tray if the orig. becomes unusable?
  2. Has anyone done the Pixma conversion & what was the cost?
  3. Any problems with the R220?
    Currently, I use printable Yo dvd’s and just use markers & if I really want a pretty label, I get my daughter do her best art work! Thanks in advance

Yes you can get the new tray and some referb.s even come some times with it! But otherwise there are sellers of the new tray available.
The conversion is not a sure thing many have had issues with it. And even made the printer into junk sad to say trying!
As for problems with the epsons 22- thru the 800 series that print on dvds and cd media other then tray issues they are great for the price. Along with the available CIS systems available for them. (Continues Ink System.)

Luvs Jenni :flower:

Jenni: Thanks for the info. Where would I look for the new trays if I happen to need one? Also, What is the continous ink system?


There is one I will post some more for you!
I have a couple dozen of them but am not allowed to sell here according to the rules :doh: !
Luvs Jenni

Here is a link to mod your ip6000 to print to CD/DVD, you can also find links here for the trays needed and the software for the canon. Hope this helps.


Even though I like Canon better, I’d probably get the Epson and some Imation AquaGuard media, because I would prefer native support for the process. I’m not as comfortable as other when it comes to modifying things to work as they were not originally intended too. But that’s just me.

Except that most of world uses the feature and it works great. Only Lawyers in America block Canon from offering the feature.

Well, that’s life.

So I figure it’s best to buy what is legal and get the support. Epson it is. Canon is just not a legal option yet here in the US