R200 quality on printable cd/dvd?


I want to purchase a printer that prints on cd/dvd my thought at the moment is the epson r200.
Can somebody please scan and upload a printable disc which was printed by epson r200 or r300 (same quality as I know).
And if somebody had problems with it please tell me.

                                        Thanks alot

They are both pretty good, though you may be looking at the 220 and 320 as they have just updated the model numbers. I have no complaints over my R200s print quality and all I use is compatible cartridges.

I have an R200 and love it. I like the print quality and the only problems I have had have all been caused by the user (me). I have now printed over 200 DVDs and about another 100 CDs.

Here is a link where a number of people talked about the quality of the R200/300 and more. Its interesting reading.

You can still get the R200 at some Comp USAs and Newegg. Newegg price is $65.00 after $20.00 rebate.

thanks guys