R200 Help PLEASE!

Hi just got a r200 when i print a disc it takes about 4 mins, it prints super high quality. I am worried this is using a lot of ink, is there a way I can print them faster and at a lower quality?

Are you sure it is set to super high quality?

Click file—>printer settings–>properties you hae your qquality options, choose text and image. This is good enough for general disc use, infact it is the only one I use and all the prints have been of a good quality.

I use the following and it doesn’t appear to be using too much ink.
Click onto printer icon—printer settings—properties—main —manual—cd/dvd----best photo—A4—edge smoothing—gamma 1.8—epson vivid—brightness +4—contrast +6—saturation +2—cyan 0—magenta 0—yellow +2
I save these settings…I called it dvd labels.
When you go to print again you can auto select these settings by clicking on the box beside save.
Hope this is helpful and you get the qualitity you are looking for. I takes time to print, but so what, if you get the result you are happy with.

so do those setting use less ink than standard printing?

I don’t see what the problem is, you can get a complete set of compats for £8 for the R200.

Just use standard text and image printing, not the photo quality settings. It is the one in the middle of the choice range. You must be using high quality as it never takes me 4 mins to print a cover let alone a disc. I bought my printer in Feb and have only just started to change the cartridges from the ones that cam with the printer.

@ JayC30

Where do you get your compatables from ?

A shop in Middleton it’s just up the road from me I go there for my compats needs as I get my R200s for the price I said and get my C64s for £7 a set, never had a problem with the prints. Plus the printer doesn’t tell me they are not Epson carts so Idon’t have that annoying warning whenever I change them.

Why, do you want some?

Youll get a full set of inks for the r200,r300
from svp communications £6
there IM Jet compatibles and they work like the real Macoy

I am thinking about getting a R200 and £8 is quite a good price, i have a C62 just now and i get my compats from choice stationary.

The R200 is worth the money, the original carts will last a while unless you are a printer maniac. They have just set up an online store I will see if I can get the url from them.

celeb add p&p and they most probably work out the same, it is easy for me to just get them while out doing my shopping.

The R200 is so much better than the C62 that you will hardly believe it. Also it doesn’t use any of the Durabrite or Ultrachrome inks that the C66 and R800 use so compatibles are much easier to create, and are therefore a much more comparable quality to epson originals.

Depending on the make of compats you try you might have to mess around in the advanced settings slightly( alter colour levels, brightness, etc) but it isn’t very difficult to do - picture is slightly too yellow then reduce the yellow setting by a notch or two, slightly too dark then increase the brightness.

Choice Stationary are pretty good for the R200 inks as I have tried them out :slight_smile: