R10 Firmware Update to Version 1.39 for 110D

I was just over at the Pioneer USA site at:


It shows the current firmware for the 110D as “R10 Firmware update to version 1.39.” Is this different from the original 1.39 firmware?

Also, the media compatibility chart on the same page (which is dated January 2006) shows that the drive will burn Sony DVD+RW media at 6x but the changes included in the R10 firmware update indicate that this media will burn at 8x. Anyone know the reason for this discrepancy?


You could just try to flash it.

adds support for 8X writing speed on 12X +RW media from E-TOP; adds support for 8X writing speed on 8X +RW media from Sony

6x for +Rw is surely just a typo.