R01/R02, swap firmware (outdated, see OmniPatcher)

i have a 411@811s burner and a pack of imation rich01-2 blanks i would like to know how or where to get the R01/R02, swap firmware thanks


i want swap firmwares for the 811s only 851 and 812 drives i see one code king site other peeps are using swap firmwares for 811 drivers if so where can i get them thanks

So far, the only people with swap firmwares are people who have made it themselves.

I have not released a 811S swap firmware yet because there is some testing that we think still needs to be done. Notably, both C0deKing and I have recently gotten new batches of Ricoh R01 media. These new pieces of media seem to be working better without the Ricoh swap than with, so we’re investigating this.

In addition, I’m looking at doing a Ricoh strat replacement (not a swap). So as a result of both of these reasons, we currently do not have any plans on putting out a 811S swap firmware.

how do i go about making a swap firmware

Until a “burn-fixed” 811S firmware can be made, I’ve posted a Ricoh-swapped HS0K firmware…

Il seems like the rar file only includes the text file, not the bin.
Would you please check ?

Read your comments on bad results on R01 but couldn’t resist to see how bad :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

Just cleared my cache and downloaded the file off my website. The RAR contains a .bin in addition to the .txt… the RAR file is also over 200 KB in size, and my documentation files are not nearly that wordy. :wink:

I downloaded again. Same problem.
Win rar reports the file as corrupt and Power archiver 2000 only sees the text file.
The archive for the 811S Readspeed is 372KB in size and the Ricoh swap archive, only 213KB.

Don’t know what happened !

There must be something wrong with your SW setup.

PM me your e-mail and I´ll send you the file uncompressed. :wink:

BTW, try to uninstall PA2000 and WinRar. Then install only WinRar.

Thanks a lot .

Please check your PMs.
I’ll completely rework my dozen compression sw implementation.

@ Sapa, report back when you done the RICOH swap. :cool:

And a KProbe scan would be nice… :slight_smile:

Hi All,

Here are some scans on Fuji Ricoh R01-02 burnt on Liteon 811S

  • First at 4X using HSOK Read hacked
  • Second at 4X with HSOM Read hacked + Ricoh swapped
  • Third is the same like per second but using Kprobe 2

Conclusion : the results are much worst with Ricoh swap at 4X. I’ll next give a try at 8X.


I’m not too surprised. The reason why we eliminated the Ricoh swap for the new “burn-fix” firmware is that we found that while Ricoh swapping was working wonderfully for some of the R01 discs that we had, it was also causing problems for some of our other R01 discs from a different batch. This could be the problem that you’re encountering here…


I was fully aware of your statements and warnings.
Just wanted to confirm them on 811S.
Their owners do take interest in your excellent work.

A 8X scan will follow soon.

nods I’ll be interested in seeing the 8x. :wink:

Hi All,

Fuji Ricoh R01-02 with HSOK Ricoh Swap.

At 8X the scan is again excellent, which is with the same pattern as at 4X without Ricoh Swap.

I’ll try to confirm in the following days with a different brand (Infinity R01) at 8X.

For me the benefit would be consistent burns at 8X as ,with stock fw, 8X burns were worst than 4X if they didn’t fail from time to time.

Aye. Glad to see that it worked out well after all. :slight_smile:

Did you read experience or were reported otherwise at 8X ?

You said that your 8x were generally worse, but here, your 8x was the same as your 4x, which I took to be an improvement.