-R writing, 4163B any good?

Hi all
Where I live, the -R media is cheaper and much more common than +R. How does the 4163B perform with -R media, especially cheaper brands like Princo and Ritek?

I also back up the occasional PS2 game - any experiences with this drive and PS2? My friend’s Pioneer 107D burns cheap -R for the PS2 very well.


Do you know any DVD writer that work well with Princo DVD media? None of my Plextor, LG, Pioneer, NEC, Lite-On, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, BenQ, Ricoh drives is good at that.

At the risk of sounding like an ignorant newb, my definition of “works well” is if my copied disks work in the PS2 or DVD player/drive. The princos that my friend has burnt for me with his 107D works just fine, whether its ps2, movie, or data - so to me, princos work well with his pioneer.

The Princo media might be read well in a DVD-ROM or PS/2. Scanning on a deeper level reveals something else. Pioneer DVD writers are usually the best for burning Princo DVD-R media but that doesn’t make the media any better in the physical (or chemical) senese. I have DVR-108 and DVR-105. Give up Princo media now. Try spending time to find better media at reasonable cost. Even if you are in Africa or South America or New Zealand, you will be able to find quite many types of media better than Princo media if you research well enough. Princo media were OK when there were no Taiyo Yuden DVD media and when Princo 4x media that were relatively better than the rest of the Princo media could be ordered at 1/5th of most other media from Mitsubishi or other makers. Not now.

RITEKG04 and RITEKG05 results in GSA-4163B are OK, but they are not the best and their quality varies too much from disk to disk.

I’ve used datawrite 8x dvd- media for ps2 backups, movies, and data. They all work fine.

Datawrite is not a manufacturer. Disregard brand names that use many different manufacturers.

What will you think when your PS2 game starts having problems or you can’t read important data? The first thing you’ll probably think about Princo/Ritek. You no doubt have seen the reputation that these media carry in the DVD community. You have been encouraged not to use this media but it’s your life.

the datawrite that i said are with the fuji dye from ebuyer.com (quick link number: 62492).

nero cd-dvd speed shows them as FujiFilm03:

TYG01 4x DVD-R and TYG02 8x DVD-R should be better than FUJIFILM03 in GSA-4163B.

however this can be considered an average media scan on fujifilm03 @8x

(note this is not a full disk )

Taiyo Yuden 4x DVD-R at 4x.

Princo has yet to learn how to make even an 8x disc.

They are still dumping their 4x media onto the market in huge numbers.

As far as I know there are 9 manufacturers of dvd media in the world…

Mitsubishi Chemical (Verbatim)
Taiyo Yuden

Correct me if I’m wrong with any of those.

Lead Data
Moser Baer
Taiyo Yuden

And many more. Ricoh media are produced by Ritek. Melody, Memorex, Interaxia, Sky, Data Write, these are not manufacturers.

Thanks for the list Kenny.

Any idea as to what brands Hitachi made discs are sold under?
It’s a shame most of that list isn’t very good for quality.

I listed mostly only the big manufacturers. They are manufacturers, not brands. Some of them make top-quality products under licensing and technologies from Mitsubishi, Ricoh, Sony, and such. Hitachi media are Maxell and Maxell media are sold under many different brand names.

Arita-R from Ritek 8x is burning at about 8 minutes.
And is very cheap. As Kenshin told before I have never had good luck
with Princo.Even with my previous Sony 500AX buner.
Back then I thought that my Sony had a problem.

What about x8 +r PRODISC R03?
(i know this thread is for -r but i havent found any prodisc test with 4163).

You must have missed my thread. Look at the sticky GSA-5163D test thread. Or click the link on my signature.

Thanks kenny, i didnt notice 5163 & 4163 were the same. ill take a look!

I was curious because i can buy ritekg04 and prodiscr03 at the same price (verbatim are 3 times more expensive here), i still have some ritek and ill try prodisc now.

I dont care so much to burn at 4x or 8x, just wanted to know wich one is better.