+R vs. -R DVDs. What is difference?

Could someone tell me the difference between +R and -R DVDs?

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there’s a sticky thread entitled “the difference between DVD+R and DVD-R” or something like that in the “blank media” subforum.

that should have more information on the subject that you’ll ever want to know.

I always thought (and I might be wrong…) that + format disks are better for data transfer and storage whereas - disks are better for video, being that more stand-alone players eat -R than +R.

you should probably go read that thread as well.

+R can be booktyped to -ROM if your burner allows it, making it MORE compatible in SOME players for video.

Okydoky…I will…thanks.

Today the compatibility with topsets is not as mportant as it used to be.
Sometime ago this was a big argument, but with bitsetting is gone even for older players.
Disc strucutre is different.
Pay attention if you use home video recorders. Some of them may offer different possibilities in terms of screen formats (specially if you mix 4x3 and 19x9 in the same disc). I’ve a Sony recorder that doesn’t do the same with all formats, besides accepting all four (excludes only DVD-RAM, that would probably be the better…)
On data recording I never swa any dif, apart with a stupid Samsung DVD-ROM of wich I got the only series that couldn’t be modified by firmware to accpet +R, until bitsetting convinced it I was giving it DVD-ROMs.

Welcome to the forums how786, the link to the lengthy discussion on the difference between DVD “+” and “-” R is here: