R- source disc won't burn to R+ in Benq ext 162I with supplied Nero 6.0?

Just wondering if BenQ 162I ext burner has a problem burning to a R+ disc if the source is R-??? using the Nero 6 version that comes with the burner.

I have an edited family wedding that is on a dvd R- media and am trying to burn it to R+ which the tech support at BenQ in Irvine Ca. recommend. I have tried Maxell, Sony, TDK, Imation and Verbatim, BenQ R+.
All of which BenQ tech’s say have been tested and are the best to use for this burner.

My notebook is new and is a toshiba M50 - MX 5, there are no other burning softwares on this notebook and so I decided to install the Nero without the InCD, simply the burning CD, DVD software. There are no packets on the notebook.

I have had the burner since December and had no burner issues. In fact, this same R- edited family wedding disc I have burned backups on the same burner( 8 R+ discs ) ONLY with my older Toshiba Satellite 2410 with 1 Click DVD, 4 were Maxell and 4 Sony R+ discs. Gave them out to family members and they all work fine on their various models and vintages of dvd standalone players. ( I also use Slysofts Clone DVD and DVD Shrink with the R+ media and have no burner issues and that is with Any DVD with backups requiring that program and R+ source family dvd’s transferred from my mini dv camcorder.) I don’t understand why the R- source disc can’t be burned to any of my R+ media and neither does the Edit shop that I use with this Nero program and my new Toshiba notebook that I am trying out for the first time. Of course there is no help from toshiba as it is a software matter.

I wanted to have only the Nero software on this new notebook, however this problem in the process once I get to do a burn and insert the suggested R+ disc and click to start to have the burn start and the door of the burner flies open and an error message on the screen indicating that an R- disc is needed is really becoming frustrating.
I want Nero on the new notebook so that i can do data backups and i don’t want to have to keep

i phoned BenQ Tech support and they advised against using R- media as apparently it did not test well in their trials, however the tech had no solution to my problem.

Has anyone any ideas as to what the problem is

It may be related to the amount of data present on those discs… a DVD-R disc can hold up to 4489 MB while a + only 4483 MB, so if the source disc if filled-out it may not be enough space left on a dvd+R for data to be copied.

Yeh, that is the only reason why i think it wouldnt work, i mean, its just data in the end.


please check your Nero version. Latest one is It is a good thing to get the update from ftp.nero.com

Also, there might be an issue with the file system on your harddrive. Please make sure, that it is NTFS, not FAT32.
Additional you can just try to copy the files from the disc to your harddrive and then burn them from there.


The notebook was sent back to toshiba via the store “Staples” where it was purchased January 2006, however just set up due to other committments.
The notebook burner itself will not burn R+ media, Maxell, TDK, Fuji, Imation, Sony and BenQ. I mention the latter in particular as BenQ support out of Irvine Ca. recommended all of the aforemention R+ media. They said it was tested at their factory and I have used this media with my BenQ, we actually have 2 other BenQ 162I external burners and no coasters since our purchase of the units in Dec 2005. All the firmware is uptodate and drivers, this was confirmed with BenQ.

Our software tech spoke to toshiba and they suggested to take out all of the recently installed software and do a Clean Restore with their disc, This was done and still the same problem. It does not matter if the the source disc that is read is R+ or R- neither the internal optical drive nor the BenQ will burn a R+. The trays fly open and a message to insert an R- appears.

We have tested the BenQ’s all 3 with acer, and sony and our older satellite toshiba 2410 and they all burn R+ fine trying all of the above diverse media.

Toshiba has ordered a new optical drive and have advised that the MX 50 - M5 notebook optical drive is uptodate and that they will test it after they install the new one. This is taking 14 days to get the part and then the test.

What I am wondering is are there other parts that could be defective as I need this notebook now and don’t want to spend weeks, with them testing individual parts one by one until they find the culprit. And then have to order it and then the time to install and test it and then I have to bring my BenQ to the store to have the in house Staples store tech test it to see if my BenQ ext burner will work??? Shouldn’t they be able to test an ext Burner with it???

The tech said that it is like the notebook itself is not communicating to its own optical drive to burn an R+ disc nor is it telling the BenQ ext burner to do the same either.
Will a replacement of the optical drive on the notebook allow the BenQ to be communicated to so that R+ can be burned??

Toshiba at Level 2 tech support and the manual both show that the notebook supports R+ media and the home R- dvd that I have used as Source disc well as 2 others are less than 40 minutes in length of portions of weddings and so it is not like the discs are loaded with data. I took the 3 discs to an Edit shop that I have known for years and the fellow has been in the business for 25 years and said he can’t understand why this would be happening, as he said that his specialty is not computers, but camcorder editing. But to him, the data should be capable of burning to an R+ as he read the specs as well and I showed him my R+ backups of these weddings done with my BenQ ext burner and my 3 yr old toshiba satellite, the acer and the sony.
I just thought that I would ask him.

I hope that this additional info will help and I look forward to comments and suggestions as I really want to get this notebook back as soon as possible and working properly.