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I have a HP DVD940i. My problem is it is +R and -R compatible. When I put in a +R dvd it does not see it and when I put in a -R it does. In other words it only reconizes +R. I installed Nero Suite 6.6 DVD Writer Edition (Copy that Came in Box) and it still does not. If theres anything I can do to fix this problem please let me know.

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I’m confused with your post.

You mean it only recognises - R disks?

Have you updated the firmware for the HP DVD940i?
What brand of media are you using?

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Haha, I just went through that with my Pioneer, except it was refusing to initialize DVD-R blanks. What fixed it for me was uninstalling the ATA controller the drive was on in Device Manager (uninstalling just the channel didn’t help) and then having Windows search for new hardware.

Yes, it does not reconize +R discs. If i Put in a DVD - R It comes up “New Blank DVD” but when I put a -R in nothing happens.

Once again you have managed to confuse us all?

Whatever hes on, I want some.

i’m assuming the last dvd-R was a typo and you meant +R. is this correct that it WILL recognize -R and will NOT recognize +R? you’ve put conflicting information in all of your bposts so far.

anyway, is this the only test you’re using for whether or not your drive “recognizes” it? do you have problems burning to +R or are you just saying that because a “blank disc” window doesn’t pop up that it must not work?

and as platinumsword asked a few posts above that you never addressed:
have you checked for firmware updates for your drive?

what brand and type of media are you testing?

Let me explain this again. My HP DVD940I will burn Dataware -R’s, however. When I put in a +R I don’t get a blank disc pop up. Then when I try to burn it in Nero 6.6 (The one that came with the burner) it seys there is no media in the drive. I have not checked for frimware updates but I just purchased it less that a week ago.

Summarized: I can burn -R’s but not +R’s. My HP DVD940I is suppose to be compatible with both.

What brand are your DVD +Rs (the ones that aren’t recognised)?

Same brand for both, Dataware

Umm, here’s a less flippant-sounding reply. Take it as you will.

My DVR-112L, after successfully burning several MXL-RG03 discs, refused to initialize any of the DVD-R media I had on hand (TYG02, MXL RG03, & MCC 02RG20). It was still able to recognize and write to DVD+R media. When attempting to write to DVD-R media, ImgBurn would respond with the error “incompatible media installed.” I tried many fixes… flashed between several official and non-official firmwares, replaced the IDE cable, deleted UpperFilters and LowerFilters, uninstalled the IDE channel, removed a second ODD and jumpered the Pio as Master, and even replaced it with a DVR-111L that showed the same problems. Finally, I went into Device Manager and uninstalled the ATA controller itself and allowed Windows to reinstall the device. After this, the DVR-11L could recognize and write to both DVD+R and DVD-R media again. When I re-installed the 112L, it was also fixed.

In my case the problem was caused by the operating system rather than a fault of the firmware version, hardware setup, or brand of media used. YMMV, but it shouldn’t hurt to try it out.

I would bet that the media is to blame here. Dataware is very cheap media. Have you tried another brand.? IE Verbatim,TY

Even though you just purchased this burner, it does not mean that it’s firmware is up to date. The benefits of having updated firmware is that it can make the drive more compatible with different types of media.

You can use nero info tool to tell you what version your firmware is.

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