+R or -R for movie backup is there a preference?



I have been reading and looking for information on these two formats. Is one preferable to the other? I read on one post that +R can be more error proof? I am using them for backing up my movie collection only. I notice that -R discs seem to be cheaper in general.

I have been looking at the Taiyo Yuden 8x +r.
Is it worth the savings difference to buy the -r?


No real preference but if you can get the TY 8x +R discs & they’re genuine then they should be excellent.


Well, I am buying from Rima.com more than likely. I have shopped around a bit but the prices seem very comparable.

Any suggestions on different places where I could find genuine TY’s?


I am looking for sites, and the experiences of this forums masses, concerning buying genuine TY media. Rima is one place that I have been told is highly reliable. Are there any others?


I think Rima are a reputable supplier but I’m not US based so I don’t really know.



IMO - Rima is the best - most trusted online source - at www.rima.com -

There is also www.allmediaoutlet.com - www.shop4tech.com - www.supermediastore.com - and at the very bottom of my list - www.meritline.com

Do yourself a very big favor and check out the ratings and comments on any online merchant at www.resellerratings.com - [I]before[/I] making a purchase-eh!

(btw - I personally prefer the Taiyo Yuden 8x +R T02’s - and when I buy - I get 200 - to (1) get much lower per 100 shipping and (2) to get the reduced price - premium TY’s from Rima come in 50 piece cakeboxes FYI)


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I have ten different burners and have tried 5-6 different brands of media and the +R turn out significantly better scans. As TimC stated above, TY +R 8X are the best by a wide margin.


I prefer +R media because they can be bitset/booktyped to DVD-ROM


AS a rule of thumb the DVD-R is always more compatible in any stand-alone DVD player while DVD+R some times not unless burnt as DVD-ROM.


i find that using +r is a lot better in my dvd recorder and burner but if i want to play the disks in my ps2 or x-box then they don’t recognise the +r media (apparently it is hit-and-miss whether your xbox will play +r but i missed out on all three of mine)… so i guess the questin is where do you plan on playing these back-ups??


Booktyping these to DVD-ROM should, theoretically at least , overcome this problem.


I like DVD-Rs when recording to my Panasonic ES15, DVD+Rs when recording to my LVW 5005; DVD-Rs when burning from my computer. But that is just me.


Thanks for the help and information everyone. It is truely appreciated. I am going to go with the TY T02 from rima.com. I will probably just go with 200 of them to save a bit on the per disk cost of shipping.

As for my other post, I only made it because the heading of this post was entirely different from the my eventual question. I did not want confusion topic “spread”.

Again and as always, Thanks.



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Once you try TY +R 8X from Rima, you never go back.


Hi TimC…
Can you do booktyping with dvddecrypter?? That is what I burn my iso’s with…
Thanks mate


Check the menu and see if your drive is supported. Quite a few are.


I agree regardless what program you are using the booktyping portion of that program is depends whether your drive being supported for booktyping or not.