+R or -R for Benq 1640

I’m curious if there is a general consensus. I bought some -R since I thought that was the most compatable with different players. Now I’m hearing plus R. I can exchange some discs I have and was wondering if I should?


IF the +R media is bitset to DVD-ROM it will be even more compatible with more players; however the players we are talking about are from the old generation, all recent units read both +R and -R formats.

That does depend on the players, some of my friends have entry level players that are at most 1 year old and none of them recognise +R or bitset -ROM discs at all, yet they all recognise -Rs.

aman buy a couple of +Rs and test them out so see if they will work for you on your player.

Thanks for the info. I’m not even sure how to bitset yet, I haven’t flashed my drive yet either. I’ve been having some wrist pain lately so unfortunately can’t do alot of research on the PC of late.

Maybe I will keep some of each around since I got decent deals on the DVD’s anyhow.

I haven’t tested anything with my players, but I’m also just wanting the simplest solution overall since I may hand some burnt disks to friends who I wouldn’t know anything about there players.

So bitset increases the compatability for +R, but you had trouble with -R bitset?

Thanks again

1640 likes +R a lot better.