-R or +R DL?

I am new to Dual/Double Layer Burners. I know with the single layer dvd burners, it’s kind of always been said the -R are more reliable for using in a home player. Is this the same for Dual/Double layer? Is there one format that works better with most home players?


I’d go with +R DL, cause you can set the booktype to -ROM, which would give you a higher compatibility.

I would go to the media forum where there is a thread on the matter and read it. Try using search before posting as you may find your question is already answered.

Does -R DL even exist?

yep it does!

it hasn’t been really widely used yet. I hardly ever see them in stores, and the new update of CloneDvd2 JUST added support for them.

to be very honest, i’d find out if your firmware supports them first. if your firmware doesn’t support it, you won’t be able ot burn them very well. Your firmware is MORE likely to support DVD+R DL since they’ve been “around” longer…

As reasontorules said, stick to DVD+R DL and Booktype them to DVD-ROM you will have less compatibility issues.

:cool: :cool:

And Verbatim , and possibly Ricoh, is the only brand of +R DL to consider if you want success in burning.

Also the best burning app for DL media is Imgburn but this does only burn images but then Nero et al can easily produce these.

I’m always for booktyping, I know some are a bit wary, but it’s worked for me every time :wink:

I know a few where where a booktyped +R to -ROM does not work on their players though they are rare.

And somehow the -R DL is more expensive than +R DL.